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  • Sean Canniff

Art Popping off the Page with Adam Matthew Ink

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

“Online it is so hard to break through the noise of everyone selling stuff- in person it is a lot more satisfying to see people come to your booth elated and asking if you have a specific character.”

Adam Matthew is a Milwaukee Maker who draws what he loves. Adam’s work can best be described as loud, quirky and passionate. Whether it’s his drawings of Leatherface, Batman or Venom he always makes them his own. While his main focus is comic book and movie characters, he has also created sports pieces of the Milwaukee Bucks and the Green Bay Packers. For pet owners, he offers pet portraits by commission.

Adam Matthew has been drawing ever since he was a kid. He started with Venom drawings in the third grade. The art of drawing captivated him. His passion for drawing grew as he interacted with other artists online and in person. Adam gives thanks to the Milwaukee Makers Market for nurturing artists and encouraging them to come together.

Adam is vocal about the comradery within the Milwaukee creative community and how fellow makers share tips- from design programs to enhancing booth displays. He notes how much help Ryan Laessig, coordinator of Milwaukee Makers Market, provides- “he’ll spend time with each individual maker, having a first name basis with them, knowing their industries a little bit. He’s the best!”

Between markets, you can find Adam's art on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.

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