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Everything's Peachy when Peach Beast is at M.M.M.

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Meet the maker of Peach Beast, Eleanor Hazard. It all started when she was only a kid, she had an art studio in her parents' basement where she created drawings and collages. Creating art has always been her passion. She studied illustration, drawing, and painting here in Milwaukee at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. She helped run the local art studio/art collective, Moxy, for several years. When that came to an end, she had to figure out how to change her work style. She began working from home. She created screen prints, small patches, and resin jewelry. This was the birth of Peach Beast.

This wasn’t always the plan. Shockingly enough, she never planned on making this a business. She used to create large-scale paintings when working for Moxy and had to come up with another plan since her home wasn’t big enough for those large-scale pieces. She started making smaller items to keep herself busy. After doing a few pop-up shops, including her very first one at the Milwaukee Makers Market, she decided this is what she’s meant to do. She registered as an LLC in 2018. Since then, a lot of sweat and tears have now gone into Peach Beast. From creating many different pieces over time, learning new techniques, and finding what works best for her and Peach Beast. Hazard enjoys Milwaukee. She says that she can get overstimulated in bigger cities, so Milwaukee is a good size for her. There are many natural spaces to escape and the food here is great too. She says, “the Milwaukee art community has developed a lot and people seems to be more aware of what’s going on. The community is very supportive.”

Eleanor has been a maker at Milwaukee Makers Market since 2018. Doing these markets has helped her more than just providing a space to sell. She says, “Being an artist can be very insular and isolating. But Milwaukee Makers Market really helps me connect with a community of other makers and supporters. I have met so many awesome people through this! I can't thank the organizers like Ryan out here enough. What they do for us is truly amazing.” Some of her favorite makers that are also a part of Milwaukee Makers Market are Dusty Pete's, Rotto Grotto/Ultraterrestrial, and Niffich.

What makes Peach Beast items unique is that her media varies. Hazard's ideas develop in her working sketchbook. Her message is to always be honest with a touch of dark humor. She loves her earrings. She says, “They're fun to design and make and I love how excited people get about them.” The earrings she creates are statement pieces. Eleanor created screen printed tote bags and laser cut earrings and made some pieces specifically for the Milwaukee Makers Market Halloween show. For upcoming holidays, she’s considering making ornaments or candles and holiday-related items.

A message Hazard has for the greater Milwaukee arts supporting community is that, “It takes a lot of serious dedication and sacrifice to run a small business. We quite literally couldn't do it do without you ... Being an artist can feel very isolating, but when I do shows, and I see someone laugh uncontrollably at one of my designs-it makes me feel seen. Just seeing that what I do matters, the work I make helps people and changes their outlook, is validating in a very special way. People who shop local are amazing.”

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