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Milwaukee MashedUp

Everything started with an old flannel shirt and a vintage pillowcase. “I threw the pillowcase on the back of the flannel shirt and thought, hey! that looks cool,” said Barb Stutz, owner of MissMashedUp. In 2018 MissMashedUp was created to sew different patches on the backs of flannels. After selling flannels in the Third Ward and at the Waxwing, MissMashedUp began participating in the Milwaukee Makers Market.

“My real first Milwaukee Makers Market was this past June on Father's Day at Discovery World,” said Stutz. Barb loves the comradery of the markets the most with the help of Ryan Laessig’s organization skills to tend to the makers. Laessig is Milwaukee Makers Market creator and coordinator. MissMashedUp has an Instagram account, “but nothing beats being in person and getting to know other creatives in Milwaukee,” said Stutz.

Mabel. Stop by and say hello to Barb and check out her creations on Oct. 31 at Ivy House.

Anything can happen with leather remnants and scraps. “I started with that resource and began disassembling old jewelry pieces to incorporate into my first designs,” said Staci Stewatson, owner of Maebel Jewelry. This business started off as a hobby for Stewatson and slowly became a full-time job. Maebel offers boho jewelry along with pieces to wear everyday. Products are made from salvaged leather, acrylic and brass.

At the end of 2015, Stewartson attended the Milwaukee Makers Market to sell Maebel Jewelry. Stewartson’s favorite thing about the event “has to be the sense of loyalty that I feel from customers who come out to support Milwaukee Makers Market, the venues that host us and especially Ryan and staff”. The Milwaukee Makers Market features many makers in a casual and accesibile setting. “I truly believe that the phrase ‘community over competition' plays out at Milwaukee Makers Market during every single event,” said Stewartson. Come See Staci at upcoming Milwaukee Makers Markets!

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